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More Reviews of the NYC Foot Surgeon, Dr. Stuart Mogul:

“I learned of Dr. Mogul after doing extensive research to find a foot surgeon in NYC to take care of my bunions 6 years ago. If you are worried or nervous about having surgery Dr. Mogul has over 3 decades worth of experience to lay your head on. If you’re looking for a good foot doctor he’s your guy. He cares about his patients and follows up after surgery to ensure that they are recovering well. I was very surprised when he called the following day to see how I was doing. I had little to no pain during my recovery and he did an amazing job hiding my incisions and closing them so that the scarring is minimal. To date people do not notice my scar unless I show them. Best of all, I no longer have pain or a bulge in my shoe from bunions and I have him to thank for that. I decided recently that I need to address my hammertoe problem and it was never a thought to go with anyone else besides Doctor Mogul.”  ~ ZocDoc

“Dr. Mogul repaired my bunions a couple of years ago!! Best decision I ever made! I am a professional dancer in New York City. I had very little pain and now I can dance all night while wearing my high heels… without pain. I would highly recommend him (and I do) to everyone!! His office staff is also very nice–BIG plus!” ~ YELP

“It’s been over 8 years since Dr. Mogul did my bilateral bunionectomy, and I remain pain and bunion free!! I had heard from a patient of his who was a total stranger I met in an airport wearing that beauty of a post-op shoe, that he was the best foot surgeon on NYC. I traveled to NYC for the consult. and foot surgery due to how strongly she felt (as opposed to having it done in DC). I could not have received better care – – from his office and staff, to the surgery center, to and through recovery- – Along with his skillful hands, comes his caring manner. I’ve referred a few friends in need, and I confidently and wholeheartedly refer you too. ps: the surgery isn’t as bleak as it’s been touted to be- – – at least not under Dr. Mogul’s care.” ~ YELP

“Best Podiatrist & Surgeon in NYC! – I came to Dr. Mogul after another podiatrist had done a terrible job with bunion surgery and hammertoes. She had left me with pain, too short toes and a bunion. I am an avid walker, my favorite form of exercise, and was extremely depressed after my experience with her. Fortunately I found Dr. Mogul. He understood what needed to be done immediately, explained everything and gave me all the time I needed to ask questions. He has an excellent “bedside manner”, is extremely intelligent and compassionate. The bunion surgery was successful! My foot looks much better and I am no longer in pain. I would recommend Dr. Mogul to anyone with any foot problem. He is terrific.” ~ CitySearch

“Thankful patient – It was five years ago when I consulted Dr. Mogul with painful bunion problems on both feet. After Dr. Mogul explained very clearly and detailed the pros and cons of surgery I decided to go ahead. A short time after surgery I started walking miles and miles without pain or any discomfort. I also enjoyed wearing regular shoes again. What a relief it is. Dr. Mogul is a very skillful and experienced surgeon. I am extremely happy about a successful and cosmetically pleasing result on both of my feet. Dr. Mogul is the best. The only regret I have is that I waited so many years.” ~ RatedMDs

“A very happy patient – I had bunion surgery and two hammertoes fixed three months ago. My feet feel and look great. I had a bit of pain the first two days but it was worth it – nothing that Alleve could not handle. He was great. I Highly recommend Dr. Mogul.” ~ Vitals

“Great Foot Doc – I met Dr. Mogul a year ago and found him to be highly experienced and knowledgeable, much more then the other 3 consultations with other NYC foot doctors I had prior. He repaired my bunion and 4 of my painful hammertoes with corns. I was out of the post-surgical shoe in two weeks, as he said I would. My feet feel and look great. I am very happy.” ~ CitySearch

“Best Foot Surgeon in New York City – Dr. Mogul is patient, thorough, precise, and cares about you. The feet are really the foundation of your body and need proper care. Dr. Mogul diagnosed my foot condition then I had my foot surgery and was back on my feet with minimal impact on my daily activities. What I love is that he answers any questions I may have and is not rushing to get me out of his office. I recommend him to anyone needing foot surgery. I had bunions removed” ~ CitySearch

“After receiving a horrific foot surgery I went to see Doctor Mogul for a second opinion with the initial problem I was having along with additional problems created by the doctor who performed my surgery. I am happy to report that today I am pain free…something I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life thank you Doctor Mogul!!  You’re the best.” ~ YELP

“Dr. Mogul is an exceptional foot surgeon and person. He performed my bunion + hammertoe correction surgeries on both feet (done several months apart). The whole experience, from our first consultation appointment through post-op care has been unexpectedly delightful. I say unexpectedly because it is a sad reality that most doctors never have any personal relationship with their patients, and this is simply untrue of Doctor Mogul. He is extremely personable, demonstrates mastery understanding in his profession with thorough explanations of my issues and his corrective procedures for them, and in general just has an awesome vibe about him! I experienced no level of pain and had a quick recovery time able to walk and use gym equipment within just 6 weeks post-op. His staff both in office and the surgery center were all remarkably professional and caring both times. I always enjoy my visits, it is just like seeing a good friend, seriously.” ~ YELP

Dr. Mogul performs foot surgery on patients not only from around the New York City area, but from all over the United States and the world; if you are an out of state patient please follow this link for more information: foot surgery patients traveling to NYC.

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