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Flat Feet New York, NY

There are many terms for the condition known as flat feet. Flatfoot, pes planus, fallen arches and pronated foot are terms referring to this condition which can be hereditary or developed over time. Under ideal circumstances, your feet have an arch. As the term implies, flat feet have very little or no arch. When standing, the entire sole of your feet touch the ground.

Your child may have a foot condition called flexible flatfoot. This form of flat feet gets worse as the child ages. When the foot is relaxed and not supporting the body, the arch is present; but when the child stands and the body is supported, the arch gives way.

Flat feet are treated when accompanied with pain. A thorough examination of the foot with diagnostic imaging is performed, and the results studied to determine the cause and plan treatment. In many situations, flat feet can be treated with non-surgical interventions.

What Causes Flat Feet?

There are several causes for flat feet. Heredity causes flexible flatfoot. The ligaments in the foot are lax and the arch flattens as a result. This condition is seen among individuals with Down’s syndrome.

Rigid flat foot is another condition, and it is the result of abnormal foot development. Sometimes this is caused by genetics, but it can also be due to medical conditions like cerebral palsy. Adult-onset flatfoot is often caused by injury or arthritis. Read more about specific conditions:

Flexible flatfoot is usually not painful. Some individuals may have pain after participating in sports activities and may want to seek medical attention for help. Everyday activities can be painful for people who have rigid flatfoot. Adults can develop this condition if they are sedentary and overweight. Treatment may help in addition to exercise and weight loss.

Early Treatment for Adults and Children

It is best to seek treatment early for flat feet conditions. Symptoms will often resolve without surgery when treatment begins in the early stages of development. Untreated conditions can lead to severe pain and develop into arthritis in the foot and ankle. Without treatment, your condition may cause you to become less mobile.

Surgical options are available for those with severe flat foot problems. Surgery can correct and restore the alignment of the flat foot. Minimally invasive procedures provide excellent results without the lengthy recovery time and risks involved in open surgery.

If you are suffering from flat feet, contact Dr. Stuart Mogul today to schedule your consultation appointment.

Patient Testimonials

Fabulous person and doctor. Very professional manner, skilled, knowledgeable and personable... what more can you ask for in your Doctor?! Her performed my surgery and I was confident then as I am now through my recovery.

- Samantha W.

Second surgery with dr mogul. Once in 2013 and one now (bunion surgery on different feet). Great doctor, friendly staff, personally checks in on you after surgery. Highly recommend. Hoping my right foot is as pain free as my left one was.

- Priya P.

Dr. Mogul is amazing. I was suffering from bunion pain for a few years, and now I am pain free. What an incredible difference it has made to the quality of my life! The surgery was stress free and his skilled and super nice office staff took care of all the details!

- Lisa L.